What we Do


PRC has a strong Intelligence Unit comprising of former police detectives and former military personnel. They are experienced in analysing intelligence and surveillance.

PRC has also launched its own intel hotline intel@projectrescuechildren.org. This is an email service that goes directly to our surveillance team for analysis. All tips are treated with the strictest of confidence. Intelligence can range from any tips from the public such as:

  • seeing evidence of strong suspicion of child prostitution whilst travelling overseas
  • A child approached online by a predator
  • Suspicious activity around children
  • anything that causes concern for the protection of a child or children

Once intelligence is received it is analysed and assessed for the best plan for surveillance and then preparation for rescue. Local law enforcement are engaged and all surveillance is carefully recorded for further prosecution purposes.

Depending on the Intelligence a rescue or a sting will be organised. Depending on the case, intelligence and surveillance will depend on how the rescue or sting is carried out. This is in conjunction with local law enforcement and consistently assessed to minimise any risk to the victims.

After Care

PRC works with the local organisations in the area to ensure that safe after care is provided for victims. After Care such as counselling, shelter and care are organised to ensure that children are looked after and given the best possible chance at a second chance. 

Our goal is to build safe havens with our partner organisations  to provide a place of security for victims whilst they reover from their trauma. 

We also have a sponsorship program to help support victims and at risk children with living expenses and education costs as we firmly believe the best opportunity you can give to a child is the gift of education. 

Education & Awareness

Educating the public on child trafficking, child exploitation and online dangers is the first step in combating the exploitation of children. PRC are currently rolling out a plan of seminars and education tools to raise awareness.

PRC has a strong social media presence through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that also shares the latest news and information to educate the public.

Australia recently made the ground breaking decision to place a passport ban on convicted paedophiles. This will go a long way in helping to stop the child sex tourism industry overseas. We will be petitioning other countries to follow suit.

PRC also supports the proposal of “Daniel’s Law” a national sex offenders register that will allow families to see who is in their neighbourhood and make informed choices around the care of their children.

PRC are constantly monitoring laws around the protection of children and will lobby to ensure that the protection of children always rises above the right to privacy for the perpetrator.